Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt

Requires: Level 1. 0 Skill Points. 8 Skill levels. Active skill (Long-range). Inflicts magic damage. Starting mana cost: 7. Ending mana cost: 14.

Magic KnowledgeEdit

Requires Level 5 and 4 Skill Points. 10 Skill levels, Passive skill, Allows you to equip a wand and increases magic damage. No mana cost. Ending magic attack bonus: +1


Requires Level 13 and 12 Skill Points. 10 Skill levels, Passive skill, Increases maximum MP (initially by 5%) and improves mana recovery while resting or consuming a potion (initially by 5%). No mana cost.

Lightning FallEdit

Requires level 17 and 16 Skill Points. 8 Skill levels, Active skill (Long-range), Inflicts magic damage on a group of enemies and paralyzes the selected target, Starting mana cost: 22.


Contains 6 lvls.Requred level to learn 21. requred points to learn 20. Passive skill. Increases evasion rate by 4%.Requires tome of the mage evade. Starting mana:N/A


Contains 8 up grades. Active Skill Longrange. Requires level 25, 24 skill points and tome of the mage poisen. Must have 3 skill points placed on meditation to aquire this skill.


Contains 8 upgrades. Active Skill mid-range. Required level 29, Required points 28. Requires tome of the .....Hits a group of enamies possibly paralizing for 3 seconds.


Transforms a player into an animal for 5 seconds. While transformed the player will not be able to control movement.If the player takes damage they will be released from the transformation. The higher the target the less effective the spell.

Gravitational PullEdit

Cooling time 2 seconds, Shoots 2 gravitational waves at your enemies. each wave inflicts x magic damage and also has the chance to paralyze. You may not move while casting.

Sword Mage










Note: Skills which inflict damage and buffs are increased by certain attribute points, therefore an individual characters initial damage/buff strength in the skill box will vary from character to character based on point distribution.

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