Classes IntroductionEdit

There are currently three main classes in KoK3.  Warrior, Mage and Cleric.  Each Class is further divided into 3 sub classes and each sub class has 3 more sub classes. Take time to view each tree in detail to best determine what specialization path you want to take.  Don't worry though if you want to change your mind there are ways to reset your talents.  Resetting of talents needs to be done everytime you choose your next tier.

Attribute PointsEdit

Everytime you level you will get a flashing + symbol under your mini map on the right hand side of your screen. Clicking that will open up your character screen and your skill tree.  Your character screen will be open to the second tab called properties and will allow you to add points to your attributes.  Important: Allocate all your points into the same attribute to maximize your damage output. For Warriors all your points will go into Strength.  For Mages and Clerics it will be Intellect all other stats will improved with gear.

Skill TreesEdit

To add points to your skill tree you will need to aquire tomes corresponding to each skill. Important: You need to have one point available to use a tome and activate the first level of the skill.  There are both passive and active skills.  Active skills you can drag to your toolbar by left clicking the skill in the skill tree and dragging it down to the toolbar. Important: Choose your skills carefully because once allocated it can only be undone by undoing all your skill allocations.  If you do this you will need to re learn each tome.  Your Warrior/Mage/Cleric tomes will be available at an in game vendor and will be explained to you by a starter quest.  When you choose your next class (sub class) you will have to either buy your tomes from other players, the Auction House or find boss mobs that drop the book you are looking for.