Vits is the slang or common word used for adventure vitality points and adventure quests. The first adventure quest that you have actual quests for is in the advanced tab of the quests from the primary or secondary quest givers the quest in the tab is called dreaming of school (lvl20) and the two quests that you will get for this adventure quest are yuni's house and the missing fanatic fan boys. That is the first instance of the game and you need to be in a guild and have a party to go and be lvl 40 so you have some adventure vitality points.

In addition to the instanbce quests te primary and secondary quest givers have tons of other adventure quests that you can do but must also have a party. The different quest types are: monster killing, escort, protect, item hunt, precious cargo, delivery, and king killing (instances). Addtionally to the different quests types there are different levels as shown by the letter next to the quest type. The quest time limit is also displayed thats how much time you have to go do the quest and return. reward is displayed as well and the amount shown is the amount that each party member will recieve when the quest is turned in.

Combat capacity is the display of how much combat capacity total is needed from the group to complete the quest. At the bottom of the tabbed page it shows you how many party members and the party's total combat capacity in green.


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