Mining or just collecting materials the direct way is extremely time comsuming and for when you choose to go to the element corridor just down right unfair because the element corridor is open pvp area where others can come kill you take your shit run off and you're screwed cause it takes forever to gather in the first place and the experience from it is pitiful.

You get more materials from killling mobs than you are likely to get farming for them in the element corridor. Takes 5 materials to get a 100% chance to refine to the next level material gets very tedious the higher lvl material you want. I suggest you save all the raw materials you get from the very moment you start playing you will need them.

However there is one area where you can farm materials that you will not die in the only problem with is is that you cannot farm regular materials there you can farm legion materials which you use to upgrade the different building inside your legion or sell to other people to upgrade theirs. Legion mat farming is slow and almost experienceless but you will not be killed inside of the areas. When you make a legion you get a little camp and can make buildings and stuff with those materials to upgrade your little camp. Eventually if you do all the stuff right your lgeion grows into a kingdom but thats for another thread since I currently know nothing about creating a kingdom.

Now then back to legion farming, when you make your legion you get I think one building with a butler or something that helps you upgrade stuff and refine your materials. You also get two areas, I suppose "mines" is a fitting enough description, that have different materials. What materials your mines have are chosen at random when you create the legion and cannot be changed. So you now have 2 different materials to farm for your legion upgrades, out of 4 total resouces I believe you get two. You can trade what materials you have for the ones you don't have from other people or you can outright buy the materials from them. If you want to spend shillings you can get a voucher for 100 materials of your choice.

When you refine the materials it is just like the crafting system takes 5 pieces for 100% chance to make 1 of the other. I believe each resource has two different things it can be refined into not sure I'll update with sure information soon. Your mines can run out of resources but fear not when the server reset your mine will be replenished, It does take some dedication for you to deplete the resources for a day though. I prefer to use an alt and set him up to mining all day. This is a very afk farming friendly game so you can put your characters on auto and they will stay that way for awhile, until you stop them or something happens like server restart or internet crash etc.

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