Legions are proabbly my favorite part of this game. With a legion you can invite other guilds to join your legion! You can increase your player base in this way and have more people to talk to quest with and what not. When you create a legion you get the same tab as guild for the legion in the community thing (press the O button and it'll show up.).

The best building is the barrack sin my opinion because there you can acquire lvl and give out guards to yourself as the legion leader (you get 3 guards as a legion leader 2 as a deupty leader and i think its 4 for a kingdom leader not sure.) You can spend money to upgrade the level of your guards one level at a time and it takes a few hours for them to actually gett hat level up so the best way to level up your guards is to just upgrade the barracks that way the guards get 5 levels from every barracks level up. You save a little money that way.

The three different types of guards you can get are mages, archers and warriors I think. I've seen some other types or at least look like other types around lately, but I'm not sure if they are actually guards or if they are from kingdoms idk I'll be looking into it as I level my legion up when I can get to it. DO NOT TAKE YOUR GUARDS PVPING THEY WILL DIE YOU WILL BE PISSED.

In any case the mages are the ones with a good aoe attack so they are my prefered guards however their physical defenses are weak.

Archers are well rounded and are ranged guards they work well in most situations but do not have an aoe.

Warriors are in my opinion rather worthless their range is small and i think they have a cleave but again the range is small and cone based as well while they have good physical defense the archers are still prefered by me above the warriors.

For those of you thinking well why not one of each kind if you get 3 as a legion master, the problem with this is the warrior will be outranged by the other two and only be able to focus on a smaller number as the archer or mage, the archer will finish most enemies off quickly but will still only go one enemy at a time while the mage will get all the aggro because of her large aoe and not be able to finish the enemies off quickly enough given there are times when the warrior and mages aoe cross mobs and they work nicely but it doesn't happen all the time. 3 archers work well together they clear nicely while taking a minimum amount of damage, but they are as a rule the most well rounded which means lower physical def than warrior but also lower magic def than mage and lower attack as well. the mages have the highest attack but lowest physical defense however when you have 3 mages and all 3 are using aoe on the same batch of mobs they die quickly (the enemies not the guards themselves).

You can also equip you guards with some items however you will not get that item back so be careful about what you put on your guards, can't remember how you can change the items out for a different one if you wanted to atm I'll edit back with that info later. Guards do cost a daily fee which isn't much when you can farm with the guards but if you don't pay it they go bye bye back to barracks. If they die you have to pay a revival fee too which is a bitch expensive. Daily fee goes up a little the higher the level of the guards as well.

Now then back to actual legions, when you make your legion the legion camp is bare except for a few things if you read my writing in the mining tab you know a little bit about that but for those of you who haven't I'll wirte it again. You get I think just one building with an npc outside of it who will tell you about the legion camp and help you manage its building upgrading and matrial refinement. You also start with 2 randomly assigned resouce mines, out of 4 I believe, there are: clay, trees for wood, iron and another I can't remember at this moment I'll edit back with the correct infomation later. You will need all of these materials in order to build stuff in your legion camp. Clay is probably the best, in my opinion, resource to have but like I said it is random. You can trade out of buy out right the materials you need for your legion camp upgrades. And yes the resources can be depleted daily but will return when server resets does take dedication to empty a resoruce mine out though.

The person who comes with your first build the manager I'll call him also has the blueprints for just about everything you could think you build in your legion camp so see him find out the requirements of what you want plan out your stuff and then buy blueprint and whatnot to build your stuff.

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