Immamu are a big part of this game in a very good way you can have more than one and adopt up to i think 5 or 6 probably 5. When you adopt an immamu your experience gained for killing things goes up with each adopted. Adopting does not mean buying more immamu from the lady means going to the second tab of your pet window and either adopting from the system which takes silver and when you log out they are gone.

You can adopt other immamu only when your friends have put them up for adoption but since you can have more than one immamu you can spend a few soul shillings and give them a little bit or spirit then set them up for adoption but there is a lvl cap on how far away in lvl to the immamu someone can be to adopt it 10 levels either way I believe.

When other people have adopted your immamu it constantly acquires experience and when you feel like it you can call it back and recieve that experience. You can only get immamu exp once per day so choose the immamu that has the most experience.

Immau can also sell the stuff you dont want in your bags although they wont sell any equipment green and up >.< bastards, for 3 times the amount of soul crowns that you would get somewhere else. Don't sell your raw materials off though you will need those so save them up from the beginning of the game.

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