Guilds are a major part of the king of kings 3 game and can help you along your journey, starting at lvl 20 you can join a guild or create your own as long as you have a name to give it. If you join or create a guild and decide to leave to go to another guild you have to wait 24 hours after you leave your guild to be able to join another, and if you are the guild master you need to disband your guild first in order to leave it or give it to someone else then leave.

Guild masters and deputy leaders can start guild quests for experience and prestige which you need to level the guild up. Once you get to guild lvl 2 you can order guild capes/cloaks whatever they are called from the person you made the guild at, the adventures' guild secretary in skarabe. You can customize them a little, and i think the customization gets more elaborate the higher the guild lvl. I'll edit it in when I figure it out.

The higher the guild lvl the more people you can have in the guild as well. Guilds help bring people together to chat quest help each other farm and most importantly allow you to participate in vits, the instance portion of the game. To participate in a vits, you need a few things: 1. Lvl 40 you start getting the adventure points required to take the quests. 2. a guild. 3. a party and the party leader is the one who starts the vits quest that you want. (there will be another link to a page just about vits below) Vits quests and instances give you presitge, adventure points (which you can use to get a cape), and a good amount of both experience and money.

Guilds are also the stepping stone to bigger and better things. At lvl 50 a guild master can create a legion in which you have two resouce mines that give materials needed to expand and upgrade your legion camp. Poossibly the most important building in your legion camp, right after the main building with the guy that tells you all the stuff about the legion camp and whatnot that also deals witht he materials, is the barracks at which you can acquire and lvl your guards. The guards start at lvl 50 and are EXTREMELY useful but expensive if you let them die so don't kill them. (more on legions on link below)

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