Mmk so you start off with 3 different classes warrior, mage, and cleric. Unfortunately for all of you guys at the moment I only play cleric so this page will be all about clerics for the time being unless one of you wants to add or until I can make another class.

Clerics are really easy to play and in my opinion right now are probably the fastest to lvl solo simply for the fact that they have 3 of the best buffs for early game useage which makes auto-hunting so very easy. Right now I do not know anything about the macroing system which you can link with auto hunt so that will come later sorry. Anyways the three buffs, blessing, strengthen, and barkskin will increase attack and def. blessing is all attack power, strengthen upgrades strength attribute which affects attack power and defense and barkskin is all defense. These 3 buffs only last 300 seconds which is 5 minutes or so which isn't much of a problem if you sit there and rebuff yourself but for those of you who want to set auto-hunt on and walk off you'll need to use the macroing system which at the moment I know nothing sorry.

In any case you get a skill for hammer proficency which I reccomend you max as quickly as you can along with the buffs. without the proficency you can't use good hammers. you also get a passive hp mp, mp recovery, and evasion % based skill which is nice and in my opinion is second most important to max, theres also a cleanse 2 different atatcks one physical called mind hammer is ok does decent dmg and you ca spam it while smacking enemies to kill them a little faster, and a second attack that does magical damage. Last but not least you get 2 different heals one single heal that will help you conserve those pots and a party heal.

there are 3 advanced classes to choose from when you get to i think lvl 40 or 50 dunno will have more concrete information about that soon, and 9 second advanced classes 3 for each advanced classes. no information on those yet since I haven't gotten to those classes yet.

Clerics use hammers and their main stats are strength and stamina, you can just put all of your points into strength til you get to lvl 49 anyways cause you will get 2 potions from quests that you can use to reset ability points and attributes but can only use by players under lvl 50, if you take all the gear from the quests you get with the higher physical defense none of the mobs can really kill you if yo have the buffs on. Barely need to heal either. Only problem with low level cleric is there isn't any aoe so you auto-hunt is a big crowd and you'll take constant damage until the crowd is cleared although the damage is reasonably small just constant still barely need to heal.

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