In this section, I (Koff) plan on making note of any and all quests that have a common monster that needs to be put into its place on the food chain. This is so that you who are like me can pile quests on top of each other. Later, I might link the quests to a full description of the quest, but for now, I'm just putting mob names to quests.

As time goes on, I promise you that I will get bored of KoK3 - it's just part of me to get bored real easily. Therefore, this section may stop at an odd place. However, I do promise to stay focused long enough to do the first 50 levels. Shouldn't be that hard... I mean, I could get the first 28-30 levels in a single afternoon, so as long as school doesn't get in my way, getting to 50 should only take me a week. Yes, I have no life. Get over it.

I will not be including party dungeon mobs in these figures. While partying and guilding and everything else is fun, right now I feel more the Lone Ranger than a party animal. By the time you get to the point where there are party dungeons, you'll probably have a small gang of friends to do them with anyways, and they can walk you through it.

Here will be the format that I will be using:

  • <Level of Mob> <Mob Name>
    • <Level game says you should take quest A> <Quest A name> <Quantity of drops/kills>
      • Code for whether or not a quest precedes
    • <Level game says you should take quest B> <Quest B name> <Quantity of drops/kills>
    • ect.

Hope it helps!

  • NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of monsters in KoK3. This is merely a list of quests that require a specific monster. This does not include the Knight Master's quests. This also does not include dungeon mobs/quests.*

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Level 2-10: Crystal Lakeside

Level 11-15: Crystal Village

Level 16-20: Sewer I

Level 21-25: Sewer II

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